I kinda believe in superstitious. Not all but some that really cannot be swallow with the logical thinking.

I've been seeing this old man in Segaliud back in Sandakan with my group of sales team. All of us were trying to get 'alternative' way of getting things done or going.

So I do ask the old man who are the person that might hate me in my working place since I can sense that there are something bad vibe going on. So he ask me to hand over to him the bottled water. He look into the bottle as if the bottle is his crystal ball.

Suddenly he spoke to me. "Orangnya pendek-pendek, putih-putih, besar-besar badannya" The person is small, fair skin and kinda big in size. Then I ask again, what did he do to make me being hated. He said "Orang dia ni suka repot-repot bah." The guy kinda like to report all the mistake that we made even it is only a small things.

So, there is only 3 of us that work in harmony, the "NEW" comer is the one who is bossing around us now. There is nobody to suspect except him.

I better buy auto insurance just in case he sabotage our transportation when we were driving outstation.

If you do read this, you know that all of us hate the way you get things done.


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