Ain't no sunshine.....

Not applicable for Miri though. There are plenty sunshine here. Even I can't stand the heat and have to retired early from "jalan-jalan" in town.

The food are great, everyone quite friendly but the taxi fare are very expensive. Went to Crocodile Park (aka mini Zoo) for Rm40 one way! That's Rm100 for two way plus the waiting fee you have to pay for the taxi driver. Damn expensive!

I don't know if I can give you some guide here if you want to visit Miri, but please train your legs before coming here since the shopping malls are quite far to each other but if you familiarize the location, it should be no problem.

The food here are okay, the price depends on where you eat. Don't forget to try Mi Kolok (aka Kon Lo mee in KK) and Nasi Lalapan. They tasted good even I ask for another plate or bowl. Yea, I'm getting fat and might need ephedrine to lose fat. Nah... I'm joking only.

Oh by the way, I heard that if driving to KK from Miri, it will only take 6 hour. This is more nearer than I thought!

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