Working class heroes....

The most appropriate song for us who working like hell but has to pay taxes.

Well, turn out to be that I still alive. I have to implement censorship in my own blog. So that no human will be hurt during my blogging time.

There is so much to be told but no, that have to wait until certain time. I did tell you about the censorship right? Well if you want to know, just PM me on FaceBook.

Was thinking about resuming my gym session. I've already abandon it for about 2 month. Now my tummy getting bigger than last time. I think I have to blame the beer. :P So now I should buy best diet pill online.

See how next week. Time will tell. So enjoy the following video.

There's room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the fool on the hill - John Lennon

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Ain't no sunshine.....

Not applicable for Miri though. There are plenty sunshine here. Even I can't stand the heat and have to retired early from "jalan-jalan" in town.

The food are great, everyone quite friendly but the taxi fare are very expensive. Went to Crocodile Park (aka mini Zoo) for Rm40 one way! That's Rm100 for two way plus the waiting fee you have to pay for the taxi driver. Damn expensive!

I don't know if I can give you some guide here if you want to visit Miri, but please train your legs before coming here since the shopping malls are quite far to each other but if you familiarize the location, it should be no problem.

The food here are okay, the price depends on where you eat. Don't forget to try Mi Kolok (aka Kon Lo mee in KK) and Nasi Lalapan. They tasted good even I ask for another plate or bowl. Yea, I'm getting fat and might need ephedrine to lose fat. Nah... I'm joking only.

Oh by the way, I heard that if driving to KK from Miri, it will only take 6 hour. This is more nearer than I thought!

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Counting the days,,,

Less than 48 hours I will be in Miri.

Excited than ever and yet wondering if I could pass the training. Just wish me luck.

This week are not so normal week for me. It has been a long and boring week. Plus something that has been bothering my mind still keep hunting me. I still don't like to think about it because even a thought of it will trigger my madness.

Well I will keep it real this time, and if this fail, I will work as software development. Geez....

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I kinda believe in superstitious. Not all but some that really cannot be swallow with the logical thinking.

I've been seeing this old man in Segaliud back in Sandakan with my group of sales team. All of us were trying to get 'alternative' way of getting things done or going.

So I do ask the old man who are the person that might hate me in my working place since I can sense that there are something bad vibe going on. So he ask me to hand over to him the bottled water. He look into the bottle as if the bottle is his crystal ball.

Suddenly he spoke to me. "Orangnya pendek-pendek, putih-putih, besar-besar badannya" The person is small, fair skin and kinda big in size. Then I ask again, what did he do to make me being hated. He said "Orang dia ni suka repot-repot bah." The guy kinda like to report all the mistake that we made even it is only a small things.

So, there is only 3 of us that work in harmony, the "NEW" comer is the one who is bossing around us now. There is nobody to suspect except him.

I better buy auto insurance just in case he sabotage our transportation when we were driving outstation.

If you do read this, you know that all of us hate the way you get things done.


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