I left my heart...... at Pulau Labuan...

I've been keeping a secret since January this year. Been planning for a week. Setting my goal around June. Now, it's time.

I just got the last payment from a friend and now I'm ready to go. Am thinking on second week of June. Been saving and cramming for like 3 month already, and now it is already showing the result.

I have a nasty incident last Saturday but I guess it is not my fault either. For those who run business out there, I advise you, don't simply whack your workers when seeing they relaxing around doing nothing. When there is no work to be done, there is nothing can be done. Because sometimes you might whack your precious workers and can make they really wanted to get out for your place.

And please, remember what you really instruct your workers to do. You just might be called senile by them. Do not ask them to not do like this but next week you said that you ask them to do like that.

Well, that is what happen to me last Saturday. So now I determine to get out from that place A.S.A.P! It is not worth hoping that I can get big salary there if the person who run it can spend his money to a worthless bitch, but not for his worker that broke their back to get them even richer. By this date, I haven't yet received my salary (suppose on 24th of each month just like everyone).

Mind you I never get any bonus from them! Even my small earning clerk working sister ever get 2 month bonus of her salary!

Well, the dream almost here, I better try to get another laptop just in case the place that might be called my "Second Home" do have internet connection. Let's try surf on the internet if I can get laptop deals.

p/s: This is the real deal. Oil and gas baby..........

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