I left my heart...... at Pulau Labuan...

I've been keeping a secret since January this year. Been planning for a week. Setting my goal around June. Now, it's time.

I just got the last payment from a friend and now I'm ready to go. Am thinking on second week of June. Been saving and cramming for like 3 month already, and now it is already showing the result.

I have a nasty incident last Saturday but I guess it is not my fault either. For those who run business out there, I advise you, don't simply whack your workers when seeing they relaxing around doing nothing. When there is no work to be done, there is nothing can be done. Because sometimes you might whack your precious workers and can make they really wanted to get out for your place.

And please, remember what you really instruct your workers to do. You just might be called senile by them. Do not ask them to not do like this but next week you said that you ask them to do like that.

Well, that is what happen to me last Saturday. So now I determine to get out from that place A.S.A.P! It is not worth hoping that I can get big salary there if the person who run it can spend his money to a worthless bitch, but not for his worker that broke their back to get them even richer. By this date, I haven't yet received my salary (suppose on 24th of each month just like everyone).

Mind you I never get any bonus from them! Even my small earning clerk working sister ever get 2 month bonus of her salary!

Well, the dream almost here, I better try to get another laptop just in case the place that might be called my "Second Home" do have internet connection. Let's try surf on the internet if I can get laptop deals.

p/s: This is the real deal. Oil and gas baby..........

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Then after Sandakan, Lahad Datu

See I told ya I really travel around Sabah this time. Another 200km then I can say that I reached Tawau already.

I think I'm going crazy this time since there is no clear arrangement. Not sure if Sahabat Resort will be available for us to rent. Because they only have 20 room to rent and they give priority for FELDA members.

No WIFI and all things in Bandar Sahabat are crazily expensive. Just imagine to photostat a piece of paper will cost you Rm1.50! Chicken fried rice cost Rm5.50! Not sure if you can get compact flash memory around there with Kota Kinabalu price!

No entertainment and no place to hang out. Arghhh... make me feeling not to go tomorrow...

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Going back to Sandakan

Just after one week I've been back from Lahad Datu, tomorrow I will make yet another journey to the first major city in North Borneo before British went back to their own country, Sandakan.

Yet another short notice, barely 24 hour, I need to pack up and spend another day (or perhaps week) there.

I was tired and lack of rest but I need to make as much money as I can. My wife and my baby need it. Yes, I tell you, another family member is coming due this November.

Now I need to make another two post before I take my rest. With this fast pace of work load I really need life insurance no exam just in case of emergency. Who knows....

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Lahad Datu Project

Tomorrow we will start our journey to Lahad Datu. To be specific, Bandar Sahabat. This is my first time stepping my two feet on that land. Heard that the place are quite beautiful. Let's see if this is true. But my bad, I didn't bring any camera with me.

Just hope that my phone camera will work this time.

Now for this trip, a project that I have been dream of finally work out. Thanks for a girl that make this happen. Hope that this project will be successfully carried out and making us lots of money. Was hopping to get a new tv stands.

And as my oil and gas, just wait this June. :P

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Back in Sandakan

Yet another short notice and here am I, in Sandakan again. Suppose to head straight to Lahad Datu but our estimated time arrival are not so convenient(around 12AM), we decided to take some rest at Sandakan Hotel.

Started our journey around 4 pm and stop by Kundasang to have our early dinner around 5.30pm. Having plain rice and barbecue chicken wings with a bowl of Soto soup, our dinner really a blast.

So now here, on my bed, accompanied with my friend sleeping snoring sound, watching The Chronicle of Riddick while typing this post away, will post another post again to catch up my assignment, was hopping to get a good wholesale clothing in Sandakan :P

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Wedding photo

Yea yea yea. I'm married. For already 3 and 1/2 year. And I still haven't yet do this obligatory this when you getting married.

The problem is this, well, you are the one who get married (and this include your wife lah) and you still try to working out your financial. Then these things can wait lah kan. But this is what I understand lah. Only my point of view.

But then as time passes by, your parents are getting up your nerve because they will ask you each month.

So, after 3 and half year, I finally do that. To be exact, this 13 may will be the photo shoot day. Now, the problem is only lies on my stomach. Even diet supplement won't help me much in this case.

Wait! What am I talking about?

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I just finished eating

and I don't regret it. It takes no diet pill for me to get thinned. But I skipped my gym regiment for 4 weeks now! Then a flabby stomach appeared.

I don't amazed with it but how on earth that I can get my tummy trimmed for my wedding photo shoot?

Oh, let me take a small nicotine break before I post up another one.

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