I'm feeling bluer than blue....

This feeling has struck me twice. Last one March 2008. Now, around mid March. Again, this kind of feeling that I'm having now is destructive. Lost of motivation to work, feeling kinda hopeless, can't properly planned anything, suicidal. The last one was too obvious.

I don't know how did I get this sad feeling. Can it be caused by be stressed with workload? Personal problems? High expectation? Wanted to change profession? Or maybe I'm going insane?

Or maybe I should hang out with my friends more often. Or maybe I need a long break/holiday? Should do something that are more relaxing? But how?

I don't want to ease this freaky feeling with alcohol, but that is one of the things that lingers around my mind now. Even Dansko professional can't help me.

Just pray for me that I won't do anything stupid.

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