I think the Men In Suits are dumb

I don't referring Men In Suits are the executive workers. What I mean is those who think that they are above law. Especially the botak -Side Harm It-. He think that he can change the law in 24 hour after he already sign the approval of the law. It is like spitting to the sky and licking back what he already spit.

Now the economy are not so good but they still said that Malaysian economy are still strong. What about this USD 1 = RM 2.70? Still strong? And all they care is their own pocket and their cronies. Stimulus my head! All gone to their iron box tucked under their bed.

I don't want to know what you want to do with the dirty money but please took heed what Rakyat wanted to say. Don't think that your winning 51% last PR means that Rakyat doesn't look what you say after that. Is this what you give back to Rakyat after they telling you (51% win in the PR13) that you all must caution in what you are doing? Then forcing Perakians meet under a tree?

Well, I have to tell you, even my dream of getting a house to called my own crushed because of your foolishness. Even earning Rm1500 per month are not sufficient now just because your person-in-charge thinks that it is time to rise the fuel price. Don't you ever think about what will rise after you increase the fuel? You all can easily get away from it because you can claim it from your department.

Even I get discount bathroom vanities is useless now. Because I don't have any house. Thanks to your "Ketuanan" minded.

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