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I just wondering my blog is too silent. I'm sure my fellow bloggers also having their idea blockage too.

Now I'm thinking of getting a new theme for this blog but I still didn't find any that suits for this blog. Then I remember that I promise someone that someday, sooner or later, I should converted to Wordpress but now I think I better stick to even though I'm having problem when I need to change my template. Even my blog didn't been crawled enough by Google because in my opinion my template got something wrong somewhere. Or I should clean up my blog.

I'm not saying that converting to Wordpress is too expensive like getting a travel insurance online, but I might abandon my blog for a long time. Only doing some money posting :D

Now I really feel the economic downturn pinch so that is why I didn't travel like I use to and didn't give anything new adventure for you my reader. But maybe around April, something will change. Who knows... this is not a goodbye post#

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