Hanging loose on Sunday!


Even though the weekend is not that great but I can say this is the good Sunday of the year. Just imagine working over time for just 4 hour and getting Rm100 for it. Heaven!

The job is, unloading cartons of bottled water from the big freight container and carry it up to first floor.

And now I'm planning to get a taste of Johnnie Walker Swing that I bought from Labuan recently. I bought it for just Rm95 and it a free bag with it.

But before that wifey and I brought our kitten to the vet. De worm and vaccine plus kitten food for the sick one cost me Rm60.50. But then, I don't care spending for pets since they are part of the family.

With this good 'hong' I hope that I can get enough money to buy a car lifts for my small car :P

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