Ground control to Major Tom.....

Huahahahha.... I'm back. Kicking and alive.

The trip is fun except some hick ups. Someone is so blur because being disturb by non-understanding "other half". So you can see him sms-ing non stop and making phone call all the time. Kinda disturbing the whole trip lah.

I spend about RM300 just buying some present for my family. No shopping. No Grand Sales in February and I have to save money for my MIRI Project.

Even though I only have one day to explore KL, I did achieve my dream to go to Aquaria at KLCC although I go by myself at the last minutes. Was hoping to get some promotional products but there is nothing to get.

Was trying to spare sometime to meet Kay Kastum but only have to keep the plan by myself because I have to follow my big boss plan. Not complaining since it is fun. So sorry lah Kay, big boss first :P But the dinner was superb.

Looking forward for my next trip around March. Hope that my boss know how to plan our flight as I was a bit disappointed today. Only if he got my flight around night time, I still have plenty of time to go to Sungei Wang.

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

OK bah. Next time kita jumpa.