In loving memory... Memel (Died : 12 jan 2009)

Some says that it is fool to mourn for a passing pets.
I think that they are heartless.

Some says that keeping a pet are wasting money and time.
I think they missing part of their life.

Some says that pets are just animal.
I think they just plain ignorance.

Even though you only live with us for just a couple of month, you already part of our family.

The way you purring, the way you ask me to comb your fur every time we both back from work, the warmness of your body against our feet, your meowing asking for food, the way you stare at us when we ignore you for a while.

That will always be a memory for us.

Thank you for your short companion. We will cherished it for the rest of our life.

Hugs and kisses for you, Memel.


Joy and Anne

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maslight said...

my ur cat must be with joey's cat huh?

LeeJB said...

Yup. But died 1 week before Joey's.