I need RM5000 for a start...

But where the hell am I going to get that amount in five month?

I think I need to dig my boxes and get something to sell out as a second hand items. I am sure enough that I still have few things that might be worth selling. Ebay or Mudah.com.my? Or I just sell it through this blog.

eBay should be a good idea since Dollar are bigger than Ringgit. If I do plan to sell it through eBay, I have to consider conversion rate optimization.

But this blog earn decent money too :D

p/s : I need that amount for something that I must change.

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Lorna said...

Paid posts can give you as much as RM1,000 a month, which I've been making last year while I was very much into it. And that is just with one blog, believe it or not. You just have to look for opps anywhere and everywhere you can. You should do it now, since the USD/RM exchange rates are favourable.

LeeJB said...

That's the things, Lorna. I know I can get quite an amount from paid posting. That is I wanted to finish up all the assignment early. Thanks for dropping by here.