Happy Ox Year!

This year will be a year where we have to work hard like the Ox.

So ada menang judi ini tahun? (Did you win in the gambling game with your family this year?) Well, I did this year. In fact just a few hour ago I won Rm50! Hope that luck will continue this year though. You can gamble away but please don't gamble all your hard earn money. Just in case you run out of luck and wanted to end your life with a box cutter.

I just come back from my kampung and while driving, I realize that I have not yet finish up my assignment. So, here am I typing away.

So to end this post, I would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Ox Year 2009!

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Semoga kau buat banyak duit!

lunaticg said...

Congratulation for your winning. Wish you will have a prosperous new year 2009.
See you around.