Fat, fat go away...

Hahaha.... I already enroll myself to a local gym membership. Now, after 4 session, I can feel my "spare tire" are getting smaller. No more big bulge around my waist (Buli-buli lah, my wife said). Leaving a big tummy to work out lah now.

Going to gym actually kinda hard for me at the beginning. I have cramps on both my thigh and cannot walk around without having cramps attack. Can't even sit down or stand up. Even the nature calls have to be delayed for few times.

The good side is, I feel more energetic than before. The little bruder also seems more active and no more dizzy head after climbing stairs.

I can say that I save more money and I can skip buying Leptorexin to lose fat.

p/s: Will make a good post about my gym session next time. :P

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