Happy Ox Year!

This year will be a year where we have to work hard like the Ox.

So ada menang judi ini tahun? (Did you win in the gambling game with your family this year?) Well, I did this year. In fact just a few hour ago I won Rm50! Hope that luck will continue this year though. You can gamble away but please don't gamble all your hard earn money. Just in case you run out of luck and wanted to end your life with a box cutter.

I just come back from my kampung and while driving, I realize that I have not yet finish up my assignment. So, here am I typing away.

So to end this post, I would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Ox Year 2009!

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What if.....

Sometimes I don't understand these people. When they.... opsssss...

I'm not suppose to blog about my work place. Hahaha... Shit, always happen.

Nevermind, I just posting this post so that I still on the payroll. Yes I need money. Now, I need it not for something that I wanted to buy but something that have to do with my future. Not sure what future in store for me but most of the times, we have to break the norm just to get something extraordinary.

I'm not sure if I can achieve my goal but at least I did plan to get it.

Something got to improve as the time goes by. But nothing will change if you don't put effort to it. - J.B.Lee

Few things of my wish list has been canceled just to achieved the dream even though I can have it now. Just hoping that I don't contracted Mesothelioma before I went to the test.

Just want to vent out my anxious through this post.

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Fat, fat go away...

Hahaha.... I already enroll myself to a local gym membership. Now, after 4 session, I can feel my "spare tire" are getting smaller. No more big bulge around my waist (Buli-buli lah, my wife said). Leaving a big tummy to work out lah now.

Going to gym actually kinda hard for me at the beginning. I have cramps on both my thigh and cannot walk around without having cramps attack. Can't even sit down or stand up. Even the nature calls have to be delayed for few times.

The good side is, I feel more energetic than before. The little bruder also seems more active and no more dizzy head after climbing stairs.

I can say that I save more money and I can skip buying Leptorexin to lose fat.

p/s: Will make a good post about my gym session next time. :P

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I need RM5000 for a start...

But where the hell am I going to get that amount in five month?

I think I need to dig my boxes and get something to sell out as a second hand items. I am sure enough that I still have few things that might be worth selling. Ebay or Mudah.com.my? Or I just sell it through this blog.

eBay should be a good idea since Dollar are bigger than Ringgit. If I do plan to sell it through eBay, I have to consider conversion rate optimization.

But this blog earn decent money too :D

p/s : I need that amount for something that I must change.

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Strong like a magnet

Writing a post while having a fever are not the best experience for you to have. But when the time are not allowing you to postpone it for a later date, you just got to do it.

There is a website that I found out that I can buy some strong magnets for only-I-know-what-purpose. I suppose that not all people are selling magnets. But they are not just selling that, there is plenty of things that they also sell such as clamps, bearings and power transmission.

So looking for magnets? Why don't try them....

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Tons of opportunity for a good watch....

I have to finish two in few hour before the deadline. Doing assignment while down with a fever is not a good move. Just hoping that I can think up something good and not writing something stupid.

Now, if you need something that can read aloud the actual time of the moment for you, you are seriously need talking watches. So you can keep track the time without taking a glance at your watch.

Good for those who are too busy and just keep doing their job unknowingly the time for him to go home already past.

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In loving memory... Memel (Died : 12 jan 2009)

Some says that it is fool to mourn for a passing pets.
I think that they are heartless.

Some says that keeping a pet are wasting money and time.
I think they missing part of their life.

Some says that pets are just animal.
I think they just plain ignorance.

Even though you only live with us for just a couple of month, you already part of our family.

The way you purring, the way you ask me to comb your fur every time we both back from work, the warmness of your body against our feet, your meowing asking for food, the way you stare at us when we ignore you for a while.

That will always be a memory for us.

Thank you for your short companion. We will cherished it for the rest of our life.

Hugs and kisses for you, Memel.


Joy and Anne

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Something have to change....

This is my first post this year. There is so much to blog about but I still haven't got the time to compose all of it.

But this blog need a new face lift. I will search a good template for my own blog. I should seriously considering to upgrade to Wordpress. Maybe second half of the year then the decision should take place.

So stay tune for tons of update and some tearful post.

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