My random christmas wish list

As if I can get it lah kan...

I want a house. Two stories house. At corner lot. I want to have Moen faucet installed. Green grass with white picket fence. Hahah.. gila punya wish list.. Hope I can get it before I reach 30 years old.

(Photo credit to Tee Ayy)

I want an LCD TV. Not too big. 32 inch should be okay. Samsung brand. So that I can have better view with my newly installed Astro. And I want to seriously play my Wii.
I want to enroll myself in diving class. So that I can dive and enjoy all the beautiful thing under the wave. But I think diving could be expensive.

So I want to learn skydiving. I want to overcome my fear. Same to diving, this is EXPENSIVE!

Am I getting crazy here?

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