Merry Christmas....

As today is Boxing day, I unwrapped all my present and I really love my present this year. All of this are courtesy from ....... MY OWN BLOG! Hahahha... told you that blogging is very cool things if you know how to earn from it.

I bought myself a limited edition Fallout 3. It comes with a limited edition bobblehead and also limited edition lunch box. Also included an art book and "Making of Fallout 3" DVD. The bobblehead is very cute.

Then this morning my order from UK arrived. Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.

Actually I already get my very early Christmas present but I forgot to blog it. Few month ago I bought myself something that I always wanted to get before I started blogging. Now, after 1 year plus blogging, I get myself ......

Even though it is a second hand book, but I really satisfied with it. Another add to my Beatles collection.

Last but not least....

p/s : I should contact Flanegan about the video cards that I suppose to buy from him.

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