Happy New Year 2009.... My 2008 short review

This year is a great year for me. Traveling around Sabah is one of it. Been to KL too may times too.

Been blogging for 1 year plus now. Getting lots of money from it too. If you don't believe, just look at my previous post. Apart of it, I make acquaintance with quite a lot of people that I know from blog such as, Kay Kastum.

And the one that really fulfilling my dream is, owning a small business.

But 2009, I want to make a difference. I wanted something different. Something that are not inane just like what I face for the past year.

Something that challenge my physical and mental but really (word edited for surprise effect) and not required to get a CDL training. And that would be in 12 week time until I really made up my mind.

So, so long 2008, I really have a good time with you.

Welcome 2009, we shall see it together the changes.

p/s : I shall start my gym session next week ><.

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