Sandakan, land of our distant 'cousin'

Finally reach Hotel Sandakan at about 1 pm (11 Nov) after failing to arrive on time before the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre close for lunch time. We only get to see this 'naughty' monkeys waiting to grab any of your valuable thing when you are not paying attention to them.

When they fail to snatch anything, they will show you their rear...

We can't wait until the center open at 2 pm then we proceed to have our lunch at the famous Sim Sim Market.

Sim Sim Market or locally known as Pasar Sim Sim are famous with their Ikan Bakar (barbecue fish) and the price are very cheap. Not sure how cheap because my boss paid the bill ;)

The place are quite hot since we arrived there at noon time. We are sweating profusely even we choose a windy spot to eat. You can choose any kind of fish that are pre-cooked and they will heat it before they serve it to you.

Not my fish though. I have to admit, I hate eating pre-cooked and later heated food. So this place is not my choice. But I can give 3 out of 5 star for this one. Lucky for me, at least I not going to go through diet pill reviews.

Soon after that, we continue our journey to Sandakan Hotel and rest. Sandakan Hotel just renovate their room so we are very lucky for having brand new room. The rate are quite reasonable since the upgrade. Our room are rated around Rm210 and they give internet connection for free. Yeah, that is what blogger wanted the most.

Twin bed room for only one person. Heaven...

Not quite heaven though. I can't connect to the internet even after trying for 1 hour and I have to bring my laptop to the reception desk and still cannot get the 'landing page' (where you enter your username and password to use their connection). They even reset the transmitter just to satisfied me. I ask for their technician but unfortunately, the technician is out and I have to wait until 5 pm. Got nothing to do, so I replenish my energy as usual, sleeping.

Woke up around 5 pm and after taking my shower, I start to call the reception for the technician.
The technician arrive and started to troubleshoot my laptop and the 'landing page' are nowhere to be seen. he excuse himself and finally return with a bad news. The network cable are out of order and the whole 8th floor internet connection are affected. But the good new is, he offer me to transfer my room to 4th floor and give me the best room that has strong signal to the wireless connection. He asked me to have a look at the room first before deciding to transfer or not. Off we went and walla, BIG bed and a bath tub! :P

Who doesn't want a free upgrade? I agree and he called the bell boy to help me transfer all my things.

Sure enough, the signal strength is really good and I can dip my whole body into a warm water. I give credit to the technician for giving me the best service that he could offer. Not forgetting the staff at reception for giving me the best room ;D

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