How did I became a computer tech

Streamyx really fuk up so much and I have to use VPN to download my torrent!


I still remember 10 years ago when I lay my hand on one of the "Machine" of the age. That is Personal Computer. It has AMD processor that keeps overheating of I play too much game and only has 64MB RAM. My dad bought the computer from one of the salesman who post up his wares at his work place for RM1200, if my memory doesn't fools me. On that time, Rm1200 are really expensive. Just imagine that on that year, you can get a can of Coca Cola for only about Rm1 and sometimes you can get it for only 90 cent. Yet today, you have to fork out RM1.80 to get one.

With that computer, I was fascinated with it's internal organ that only 2 weeks after getting the computer, I took out screwdriver and open the casing to have a look at it. And that particular day, my life has change. Not only I became obsess with the parts, I learn by myself on how to fix it, change the parts, clean up the parts even know how to assemble the whole things. It's all done in trial and error. If I don't do it that way, I pretty sure that, today, I don't know anything about it.

I did blew off the power supply. Blew it off in front of my face just because I change the voltage while the computer is running. Even I manage to kill multiple hard disk (exactly what I did this year!). And collect few RAM that some people thought that the RAM are faulty. I just have to clean up the contact pin and walla, I got extra 128MB of RAM. Actually, I got more of it sometimes I sell it to my friends.

Unfortunatly, the first computer didn't survive. The motherboard dead and the casing rust off. The Genius brand mouse also didn't survive long after playing too much shooting game. It just cannot withstand the constant clicking from me, my sister and my mum.

Today, I can confidently open up a computer without any worry. The only thing that can be my problem is my own patient. That is what happen when I blew up the hard disk. I just lost my patient.

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