Hello Semporna

I must not let this opportunity slips to update some of the my journey. I'm now at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan. This internet connection is free from them.

Lets not waste anytime because my eyes are very heavy now.

After staying at King Park Hotel for two days, now it is time to move to another location. Next stop is, Semporna. Approximately at 10 pm we started out our journey. It took us around 2 hours to reach Semporna from Tawau. But actually, someone VIP ( I rather not mention his name) who were known well with his off timing planning asking us to send him to airport after he fail to give proper time to his friend to actually bring their car. Dammit!

He even fail to booked the venue that has been publish in the newspaper earlier.

Don't let the picture fools you. There is only 3 people who I can called genuinely came for the seminar.

Well, it turn out Semporna has better turn up than Tawau. Just look at this...

I never saw this in KK! Not even us ever think about making this at KK.

After this, we were brought to the Rest House and were greeted with this familiar view.

The SetingGanden... Just what I will see everyday at KK.

But if you just ignore that, you can see some beauty out of it. Like this...

(opss... I need to clean up the lens tommorow)

The turn up at Semporna is way better than Tawau.

We were treated like VIP, they even treat us local dance. (Forgot the dance name though.)

Soon after the seminar, we continue our journey to Lahad Datu hoping that we can get internet connection.

I have to keep this post short because I will be on the wheels this morning (remember I'm in Sandakan now) and I need to post up two more post to update each of my stop during my outstation.

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Road trip pulak kau ni. Shop siapa jaga? Wifey?

LeeJB said...

Yep, Road trip. Shop wifey jaga. Masih penat ni...