I need money, please give me some...

What will you do when you has extra 2 unoccupied slot of RAM at your motherboard and 2GB RAM is just at RM99 per piece? I am very tempted to upgrade my computer memory only to disappoint when looking at my budget list. No more shopping spree for me as I already plunge myself into ASTRO customer billing list.

I just installed ASTRO in my room so that my wife and I can update our brain with Discovery Channel. Installation as cheap as RM199 and Rm50 monthly should be no problem. But the long journey to outstation making me feel so vulnerable so I decide to buy an insurance from Prudential. And that Rm100 per month. Who knows lah kan....

Now I have to do a maintainance check to all my guitar (three of them) and I think they need new strings. Not to mention both of my amplifier.

My spectacle also need to be change. I just bought a frame last night for Rm150 and today I need to send it to my personal spectacle shop to customise the glasses. I bet that will cost me another Rm250 as I need good glass material because I tend to be harsh to them. Damn, budget pun lari.

Now christmas is coming... And soon Chinese New Year!


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500GB of Hard Disk

I think I'm going crazy. My computer are fully loaded with tons of movies and software that I finally able to download after using BolehVPN to bypass the stupid Streamyx traffic shaper. Streamyx block all of torrent connection in my area.

With only Rm30, I can download lots of old movie and software that can cost me hundreds of Ringgit in 30 days. Who want to buy old movie by the way when you can download it?

But downloading can cost more if you are the kind of "ketinggalan zaman" person. There are lots of movie that you want to download until you realize that your Hard Disk started to occupied all of your primary hard disk. Now, even my portable hard disk jammed with them. So time to get a bigger space of hard disk.

I got myself a 500GB hard for only Rm180 from a good friend. But getting an enclosure for the hard disk is a problem too. As the 500GB is a SATA kind (and not all enclosure can support 500GB), I cannot find any enclosure that can support the hard disk. Until I finally find a last one at Center Point that cost me Rm109. Not bad getting a RM289 500Gb portable.

Now after getting this, I'm planing to upgrade my wife laptop memory.

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Kundasang, the last stop of my Road Tour

I didn't expect that my boss will booked us rooms at Celyn Resort Kundasang. With a good view from the veranda, I can't stop myself switching on my wife laptop and play the good old Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald songs.

No need aircond because the place are already cold. And the room are quite good. No baby bedding though :P

It was raining heavily when we arrive here. We ended ordering beers to make ourself warm. (I'm not going to post up about the talk that we organize at Ranau that night ;) )

As I am waiting for the rest of the gang to ready, I took my own photo while enjoying the view.

And this is what I enjoyed the most.

Too bad that I didn't think about bringing tripod for the camera.

This is the last post from the Roadtour that I can say a very good experience for me. Now, I know how to drive to Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Semporna and Tawau all by myself. Now I am half officially, a Sabahan boy, although I still failed to climb Mount Kinabalu and I heard that now it is very expensive to do that now.

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Sandakan, land of our distant 'cousin'

Finally reach Hotel Sandakan at about 1 pm (11 Nov) after failing to arrive on time before the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre close for lunch time. We only get to see this 'naughty' monkeys waiting to grab any of your valuable thing when you are not paying attention to them.

When they fail to snatch anything, they will show you their rear...

We can't wait until the center open at 2 pm then we proceed to have our lunch at the famous Sim Sim Market.

Sim Sim Market or locally known as Pasar Sim Sim are famous with their Ikan Bakar (barbecue fish) and the price are very cheap. Not sure how cheap because my boss paid the bill ;)

The place are quite hot since we arrived there at noon time. We are sweating profusely even we choose a windy spot to eat. You can choose any kind of fish that are pre-cooked and they will heat it before they serve it to you.

Not my fish though. I have to admit, I hate eating pre-cooked and later heated food. So this place is not my choice. But I can give 3 out of 5 star for this one. Lucky for me, at least I not going to go through diet pill reviews.

Soon after that, we continue our journey to Sandakan Hotel and rest. Sandakan Hotel just renovate their room so we are very lucky for having brand new room. The rate are quite reasonable since the upgrade. Our room are rated around Rm210 and they give internet connection for free. Yeah, that is what blogger wanted the most.

Twin bed room for only one person. Heaven...

Not quite heaven though. I can't connect to the internet even after trying for 1 hour and I have to bring my laptop to the reception desk and still cannot get the 'landing page' (where you enter your username and password to use their connection). They even reset the transmitter just to satisfied me. I ask for their technician but unfortunately, the technician is out and I have to wait until 5 pm. Got nothing to do, so I replenish my energy as usual, sleeping.

Woke up around 5 pm and after taking my shower, I start to call the reception for the technician.
The technician arrive and started to troubleshoot my laptop and the 'landing page' are nowhere to be seen. he excuse himself and finally return with a bad news. The network cable are out of order and the whole 8th floor internet connection are affected. But the good new is, he offer me to transfer my room to 4th floor and give me the best room that has strong signal to the wireless connection. He asked me to have a look at the room first before deciding to transfer or not. Off we went and walla, BIG bed and a bath tub! :P

Who doesn't want a free upgrade? I agree and he called the bell boy to help me transfer all my things.

Sure enough, the signal strength is really good and I can dip my whole body into a warm water. I give credit to the technician for giving me the best service that he could offer. Not forgetting the staff at reception for giving me the best room ;D

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The most amazing ukulele playing that I ever see...

I just recovering from my recent outstation trip and feeling very good now. I know I didn't update the leftover picture and also the entire journey. The work pile up while I was away :P I promise I will do that as soon as possible.


I really fond of people who can play this instrument even it is only a lousy song. It's kind a hard to get this instrument in Malaysia and even I found one, it is either lousy or too expensive. But I promise myself that I will get one for myself.

I stumble this video on Saturday evening and I was stunned with his playing. Not only that, I almost shed a tear just because it is one of my favorite song.

Introducing Jake Shimabukuro.

While my guitar gently weeps..

I never thought that ukulele can be played like this...

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Lahad Datu, where nothing you can do unless you have plenty of timeu

It took us approximately 3 hours to reach Lahad Datu from Semporna using the new highway. We check in into The Executive Hotel that doesn't really "Executive" at all. No internet access! Only at their cafe!

This place quite scary for me because I can see lots of illegal immigrant here. Even the authority doesn't seem to care about them.

I didn't dare to bring out my brother precious camera out from the hotel. So I just take my room picture (plus some from the seminar).

Just look at the mess that we made.

Behind the smile, there is disappointed hidden somewhere.

I better off to sleep now. I can't think properly now.

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Hello Semporna

I must not let this opportunity slips to update some of the my journey. I'm now at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan. This internet connection is free from them.

Lets not waste anytime because my eyes are very heavy now.

After staying at King Park Hotel for two days, now it is time to move to another location. Next stop is, Semporna. Approximately at 10 pm we started out our journey. It took us around 2 hours to reach Semporna from Tawau. But actually, someone VIP ( I rather not mention his name) who were known well with his off timing planning asking us to send him to airport after he fail to give proper time to his friend to actually bring their car. Dammit!

He even fail to booked the venue that has been publish in the newspaper earlier.

Don't let the picture fools you. There is only 3 people who I can called genuinely came for the seminar.

Well, it turn out Semporna has better turn up than Tawau. Just look at this...

I never saw this in KK! Not even us ever think about making this at KK.

After this, we were brought to the Rest House and were greeted with this familiar view.

The SetingGanden... Just what I will see everyday at KK.

But if you just ignore that, you can see some beauty out of it. Like this...

(opss... I need to clean up the lens tommorow)

The turn up at Semporna is way better than Tawau.

We were treated like VIP, they even treat us local dance. (Forgot the dance name though.)

Soon after the seminar, we continue our journey to Lahad Datu hoping that we can get internet connection.

I have to keep this post short because I will be on the wheels this morning (remember I'm in Sandakan now) and I need to post up two more post to update each of my stop during my outstation.

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Live blogging at King Park Hotel, Tawau Part 2

I don't have any other idea to name this title because the "Part 2" might be the last one I post up while I'm on my outstation trip.

Here is the picture that I promise...

The room that we rent for two days. Sorry for the chaos. Actually I'm too shy to put up this picture :p Should have taken one before we ransack the room.

Here is the view outside the only window we have.

Not very good :(

They charge extra for good view though. Extra Rm30... This room that we rent is about RM118 (if my memory doesn't fools me. I was having delusion because of sleep deprive while check-in this morning). This price is promotional.

This post might be one of the two post that I, can say lucky enough, to be made since King Park Hotel Tawau is generous to give me free internet access. My outstation plan will be like this :

  • 7-8 November - King Park Hotel, Tawau
  • 9 November - Rest House, Semporna
  • 10 November - The Executive Hotel, Lahad Datu
  • 11 November - Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan
  • 12 November - Pejabat Pertubuhan Peladang, Ranau
I keep my finger cross if I can get another free internet connection with them... Tara...

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Blogging live at King Park Hotel, Tawau

I did a long journey starting at 3.00 AM this morning from Tuaran and finally reach here in King Park Hotel, Tawau at 10.15 AM. That is about 7 hour of long driving. Don't believe me? We use the new highway from Kimanis up to Keningau then driving up to Nabawan. Then we have to endure the un-asphalt road from Sapulut till Kalabakan for 3 hours straight or translated to 200 plus kilometer!

Between Sapulut and Nabawan.

Only half of the journey.

I don't remember why I did this pose...

My eyes are really heavy now but I feel so lucky since King Park hotel provide me this internet connection for free. I have not yet taken any photo for their room yet but I promise after I catch up my precious sleep, I will post it up.

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Cerebral Palsy

I've heard about the word but I really don't know what the real meaning of it. So out of curiosity I search it on Dictionary.com and get some idea about the word.

According to them cerebral palsy is a form of paralysis believed to be caused by a prenatal brain defect or by brain injury during birth, most marked in certain motor areas and characterized by difficulty in control of the voluntary muscles.

The most unfortunate one is "by brain injury during birth". Some cases are due to doctor negligence. Sometimes these injuries also can be caused by a medical mistake on the part of the doctor, nurses, or hospital.

Well if you do happen in this situation, you really need a lawyers that can help you out.

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How did I became a computer tech

Streamyx really fuk up so much and I have to use VPN to download my torrent!


I still remember 10 years ago when I lay my hand on one of the "Machine" of the age. That is Personal Computer. It has AMD processor that keeps overheating of I play too much game and only has 64MB RAM. My dad bought the computer from one of the salesman who post up his wares at his work place for RM1200, if my memory doesn't fools me. On that time, Rm1200 are really expensive. Just imagine that on that year, you can get a can of Coca Cola for only about Rm1 and sometimes you can get it for only 90 cent. Yet today, you have to fork out RM1.80 to get one.

With that computer, I was fascinated with it's internal organ that only 2 weeks after getting the computer, I took out screwdriver and open the casing to have a look at it. And that particular day, my life has change. Not only I became obsess with the parts, I learn by myself on how to fix it, change the parts, clean up the parts even know how to assemble the whole things. It's all done in trial and error. If I don't do it that way, I pretty sure that, today, I don't know anything about it.

I did blew off the power supply. Blew it off in front of my face just because I change the voltage while the computer is running. Even I manage to kill multiple hard disk (exactly what I did this year!). And collect few RAM that some people thought that the RAM are faulty. I just have to clean up the contact pin and walla, I got extra 128MB of RAM. Actually, I got more of it sometimes I sell it to my friends.

Unfortunatly, the first computer didn't survive. The motherboard dead and the casing rust off. The Genius brand mouse also didn't survive long after playing too much shooting game. It just cannot withstand the constant clicking from me, my sister and my mum.

Today, I can confidently open up a computer without any worry. The only thing that can be my problem is my own patient. That is what happen when I blew up the hard disk. I just lost my patient.

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Congratulation, Obama.

King, your dream has come true...

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