500GB of Hard Disk

I think I'm going crazy. My computer are fully loaded with tons of movies and software that I finally able to download after using BolehVPN to bypass the stupid Streamyx traffic shaper. Streamyx block all of torrent connection in my area.

With only Rm30, I can download lots of old movie and software that can cost me hundreds of Ringgit in 30 days. Who want to buy old movie by the way when you can download it?

But downloading can cost more if you are the kind of "ketinggalan zaman" person. There are lots of movie that you want to download until you realize that your Hard Disk started to occupied all of your primary hard disk. Now, even my portable hard disk jammed with them. So time to get a bigger space of hard disk.

I got myself a 500GB hard for only Rm180 from a good friend. But getting an enclosure for the hard disk is a problem too. As the 500GB is a SATA kind (and not all enclosure can support 500GB), I cannot find any enclosure that can support the hard disk. Until I finally find a last one at Center Point that cost me Rm109. Not bad getting a RM289 500Gb portable.

Now after getting this, I'm planing to upgrade my wife laptop memory.

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maslight said...

dood! burn it all out

LeeJB said...

Burning takes time. Transferring is better. :P

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

BOleh VPN ey? Cool gonna check it out!!

LeeJB said...

Kay - Yup. Their customer service is 10 out of 10. Even their support service are great.