Weight problem...

No time to exercise. My usual excuse. But I still need to shed about 10 kg before I'm in the ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). I think I should try alli.

Alli is a non-prescription, FDA approved diet pill that is very similar to orlistat (Xenical). It simply reduces the body’s amount of fat absorption. Alli has come up with a weight loss program to go along with the diet pill and is appropriate for obese patients 18 years and older.

I'm in that category. Come on, if you want to get fast and easy meal, that choices that you have of 90% is oily food. Fried mee, fried rice, kon low mee, soto.... All that consist FAT! Want healthy food, you have to fork out extra money. I did try to be vegetarian once. For the whole week, me and my wife dine at vegetarian restaurant. But the down side is, only my wallet are getting thin, not my tummy.

Lipase is an enzyme found in the digestive tract to help break down dietary fat into smaller components. Alli inhibits lipase which prevents the fat breakdown, thereby decreasing absorption of fat within your body. The undigested fat continues through the digestive system and is eliminated through bowel movements. By absorbing less fat, your body will take in fewer calories.

Hmmm.. Sounds good...

Possible Side Effects

  • • Flatulence
  • • Oily anal discharge
  • • Loose stools or diarrhe
  • • More frequent bowel movements
  • • Hard-to-control bowel movements


Any idea for me on how to shed that extra pound? But please don't ask me to diet :P

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