SNAFU and Streamyx are so fuk up!

I really thought that my newly bought Wireless Modem router are having some factory problem. After confirming that the previous modem just kiss the funtioning-state goodbye, I'm willingly to part with my RM165. But yet, another problem arise. The signal are weak. Then I bought another Wireless USB receiver hoping that the problem will go away. But still the connection are so FUK UP!

Then I ask around (even to my bos) if their internet connection are okay or not. As usual, it is SNAFU and FUBAR for me. Yes, Streamyx are always Fuk Up and always ALWAYS upgrading and when they FUK UP, they FUBAR!

When you called them about the fuking slow internet connection, they replied, SNAFU!

I'm gonna fuk them all when their office open on Tuesday! Dammit!

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iCalvyn said...

too bad to heard slowmyx giving u problem, I also face slow connection on their service, really fuckup