The most funniest/desperate sabahan blog...

This is the most incredible blog and the most confusing that I ever read in my life.

I did read the blog before but I don't expect that she will continue writing her love journey. And I have to read, and re-read couple of times just to understand through her abstract words and the real point of what is she trying to say.

Meet Keyna (I don't think that is her real name.)

Just for your appetizers, here is snippets from her blog.

never meant to hurt anyone.. as i said.. i am normal human.. and i need love.. im sorry.. u never desperate to have me..

Desperate to have you? LMAO!

have one bestfriend call anis. she was very supporting and good in giving me advice but sometime she not. my bf actually are my exboyfriend bestfriends. so complicated huh? being love with someone that so close with your exboyfriend. at first. anis was not agree with our relationship. she do everything to make us break up. and i so confused and cry everytime anis tell me that my baby was a liar playboy. open sex and all of it are negative.

I nominate her THE MOST CONFUSING PERSON AWARD for this year. How about you?

Her blog just made my day. :P

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maslight said...

luahan ati bah tu..but the english mmg kick XD

LeeJB said...

Hahahha... Memang kick betul ><

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I is very interesting to reads the blog. Very feelings.

LeeJB said...

The feelings cannot describe my confusion. 'I is' or 'I are'? 'I am' confuse.

Diva said...

Best blog I've ever read. SERIOUSLY! Your blog is nothing compared to hers!

LeeJB said...

diva: Hehehe.. Mana buli lawan sama dia punya blog tu.

cindy said...

Seriously, I got REAL confused at first. But then, I had the best laugh of my day. :P