MNP = Switching between network

DiGi to Celcom or Celcom to DiGi, or Maxis? Using 019/013 number but using DiGi plan?

That is what we want!

Mobile Number Portability or MNP is a new government implementation that lets mobile users move from one service provider to another - without losing their number. So there is no more hassle trying to find a good number which is very very tiring sometimes, and wasting credit just to inform all of our friends that we changed our number.

As an owner of a phone shop, I can tell you that currently Digi has better plan for prepaid user. They got Super F(riends)&F(amily), Super SMS, Super Talk. Since DiGi already paid their multimedia man to do their website, click here to view all of the plan. I wonder if they got their own ecommerce merchant account :P

I do subscribe their plan. Now I'm using their Super SMS and I can SMS all day long with only 50 sen per day. Only for DiGi to DiGi though.

Xpax to DiGi? But how?

And today, I try to switch my newly bought Celcom number with triple 8 number on it to DiGi network (013-54*888*). So I went to a DiGi specialized shop that located at :

Ligo Top Phone
No. 11-0, Lot 6, Ground Floor,
Lintas Plaza, Lorong Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The process are very easy and doesn't take more than 5 minutes. I just inform them that I want to 'switch' and they fill up the form for me. After filling up the form, they give me an empty SIM card pack (just like the new pack that you will get when you buy a new number from them only without number written on it) and ask me to finished my remaining credit as the credit will be erased and cannot be forwarded to the next telco.

Notice the 'Switched' sticker.

As I'm typing this, I already received two sms from DiGi, one which saying that they already received my application to change my service provider and the other stating that I must replace my SIM card with the new SIM card provided by DiGi.

I think MNP to DiGi is quite easy. No hassle. Don't know about Celcom though.

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