MNP result

Update for my last post about MNP = Switching between network.

Approximately less than 8 hour, my Celcom number has been changed to DiGi network and still retain the same number. That is exceeded my expectation since I've been informed that the process will take about 5 days. I didn't take record how long it really take to change mine because my crappy second hand Sony Ericsson phone decided to shut down because of no more battery juice.

My remaining credit worth Rm5 gone and has been replace my DiGi with only Rm1.01 which is surprisingly quite good.

So those who wish to change their service provider should finish up their credit before applying for the switch and make sure they keep extra credit coupon handy. And keep your mobile phone running at full charge so that you can change the SIM card when the network has been changed.

Now I need to think about my next two post before I get my early sleep. My deadline is tomorrow and I need some money to get bodybuilding supplements to build up my flabby tummy that never 'seen' work out for the last 6 month!

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