Fancy fine scale model?

I did blog about this but I admit that I didn't have any time for it until recently. My hand are itching when I clean up some of the boxes recently and now, time to build again. Here is the most lousy kit that I've obtain when I was form 3.

Not only lousy but cheap as well. Just look at the price below.

If only I can find it again, I might buy it all in their stock. I did found this at Kedai Rm2 (Two Ringgit shop) that is very popular with their Rm2 items. Not all but this one are among cheapest. I did get 3 kind of airplanes with extra 2 boxes each. Yes, my mum paid it all. :D

This is how it looks inside the box. I just love the plastic smell :P

Then I cut it with a plastic cutter/plier that I recently bought from Daiso recently. RM5 only.

That is after I cut it with my Rm3 cutter. No casualty for the time being.

Test fitting. Not bad for Rm2.50 model kit.

Doing some masking( wtf? That is not 'some' but 'FINE' scale masking!)

But the downside is, I really have to practise my painting skill. I do have airbrush for it but unfortunately I need specific 'thinner' for the paint. I wanted to place order for the thinner from a shop at KL but they said they cannot send the thinner as thinner is flammable thus prohibited to be send using courier. Shooot!

The 'specific' thinner...

All of this can make you addicted have I told you that this is expensive hobby? Need that tools, this tools, that thinner, this paint. And you need adequate lightning such as table lamp (but not an outdoor lighting) and ventilated room to work things out.

There goes my mood....

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