Chali chali ci pom pom....

My best title ever that I ever invented. I think I can submit my name to Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang for next intake.

Seriously, I need some sleep. I'm sleepy and my eyes are drooping whle typing this post. Now someone is looking at me and asking me wether I'm doing this post aboptu about my self or what. Nwo he is leaving my desk and his last word is "Siap dengan nama website lagi".

I purposely didn't press the backspace button and try to type slowly to minimise my mistake. Just a while ago the guy came over again and ask me what am I doing exactly. Yes, I didn't press the backspace button because I try to imitate Papajoneh style and hope that he will come over this blog so since I put up his name here.

What about vegas hotel. I think I will go there tonight. Only if I can get to sleep early.

Thank you for smoking. :P

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maslight said...

Omg this is the most confusing blog post ever! @_@ tido la woi!

Xander Qruze said...

this post I find interesting! lots of 'hidden' meanings and 'double' meanings and also bikin 'pening'..LOL..cheers! I liked it..

LeeJB said...

maslight: I try to sleep early last night but somehow something bothering me.

xander: Finally, someone understand the 'hidden' and 'double' meaning. Thanks for commenting.