SNAFU and Streamyx are so fuk up!

I really thought that my newly bought Wireless Modem router are having some factory problem. After confirming that the previous modem just kiss the funtioning-state goodbye, I'm willingly to part with my RM165. But yet, another problem arise. The signal are weak. Then I bought another Wireless USB receiver hoping that the problem will go away. But still the connection are so FUK UP!

Then I ask around (even to my bos) if their internet connection are okay or not. As usual, it is SNAFU and FUBAR for me. Yes, Streamyx are always Fuk Up and always ALWAYS upgrading and when they FUK UP, they FUBAR!

When you called them about the fuking slow internet connection, they replied, SNAFU!

I'm gonna fuk them all when their office open on Tuesday! Dammit!

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Should go to sleep right now

Yeah... My third post of the day. Posting three post in a day are considered okay than doing something that I hate to do. I almost wanted to give "Ignore this" title for this post but I have to refrain from using Papa Joneh famous Ignore Me post. He should franchise that title :D

I've tried to read some blog that I follow but my mood was spoiled when one of the blog only can be read by invited person only. Nevermind. Her blog is not so interesting though.

Now I think I should stop now and shut down this computer, take a shower and go to sleep. Lack of sleep can kill...

Thank you and good night.

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Weight problem...

No time to exercise. My usual excuse. But I still need to shed about 10 kg before I'm in the ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). I think I should try alli.

Alli is a non-prescription, FDA approved diet pill that is very similar to orlistat (Xenical). It simply reduces the body’s amount of fat absorption. Alli has come up with a weight loss program to go along with the diet pill and is appropriate for obese patients 18 years and older.

I'm in that category. Come on, if you want to get fast and easy meal, that choices that you have of 90% is oily food. Fried mee, fried rice, kon low mee, soto.... All that consist FAT! Want healthy food, you have to fork out extra money. I did try to be vegetarian once. For the whole week, me and my wife dine at vegetarian restaurant. But the down side is, only my wallet are getting thin, not my tummy.

Lipase is an enzyme found in the digestive tract to help break down dietary fat into smaller components. Alli inhibits lipase which prevents the fat breakdown, thereby decreasing absorption of fat within your body. The undigested fat continues through the digestive system and is eliminated through bowel movements. By absorbing less fat, your body will take in fewer calories.

Hmmm.. Sounds good...

Possible Side Effects

  • • Flatulence
  • • Oily anal discharge
  • • Loose stools or diarrhe
  • • More frequent bowel movements
  • • Hard-to-control bowel movements


Any idea for me on how to shed that extra pound? But please don't ask me to diet :P

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MNP result

Update for my last post about MNP = Switching between network.

Approximately less than 8 hour, my Celcom number has been changed to DiGi network and still retain the same number. That is exceeded my expectation since I've been informed that the process will take about 5 days. I didn't take record how long it really take to change mine because my crappy second hand Sony Ericsson phone decided to shut down because of no more battery juice.

My remaining credit worth Rm5 gone and has been replace my DiGi with only Rm1.01 which is surprisingly quite good.

So those who wish to change their service provider should finish up their credit before applying for the switch and make sure they keep extra credit coupon handy. And keep your mobile phone running at full charge so that you can change the SIM card when the network has been changed.

Now I need to think about my next two post before I get my early sleep. My deadline is tomorrow and I need some money to get bodybuilding supplements to build up my flabby tummy that never 'seen' work out for the last 6 month!

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MNP = Switching between network

DiGi to Celcom or Celcom to DiGi, or Maxis? Using 019/013 number but using DiGi plan?

That is what we want!

Mobile Number Portability or MNP is a new government implementation that lets mobile users move from one service provider to another - without losing their number. So there is no more hassle trying to find a good number which is very very tiring sometimes, and wasting credit just to inform all of our friends that we changed our number.

As an owner of a phone shop, I can tell you that currently Digi has better plan for prepaid user. They got Super F(riends)&F(amily), Super SMS, Super Talk. Since DiGi already paid their multimedia man to do their website, click here to view all of the plan. I wonder if they got their own ecommerce merchant account :P

I do subscribe their plan. Now I'm using their Super SMS and I can SMS all day long with only 50 sen per day. Only for DiGi to DiGi though.

Xpax to DiGi? But how?

And today, I try to switch my newly bought Celcom number with triple 8 number on it to DiGi network (013-54*888*). So I went to a DiGi specialized shop that located at :

Ligo Top Phone
No. 11-0, Lot 6, Ground Floor,
Lintas Plaza, Lorong Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The process are very easy and doesn't take more than 5 minutes. I just inform them that I want to 'switch' and they fill up the form for me. After filling up the form, they give me an empty SIM card pack (just like the new pack that you will get when you buy a new number from them only without number written on it) and ask me to finished my remaining credit as the credit will be erased and cannot be forwarded to the next telco.

Notice the 'Switched' sticker.

As I'm typing this, I already received two sms from DiGi, one which saying that they already received my application to change my service provider and the other stating that I must replace my SIM card with the new SIM card provided by DiGi.

I think MNP to DiGi is quite easy. No hassle. Don't know about Celcom though.

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Everything must end eventually...

I manage to give someone a feel of a star recently and I can see her blog really got a lots of follower. But then, I think someone who got an IQ below the average chimps has, just kill the mood of the

blog author.

Now, she decided to delete the previous post that really got the funny juice out from her blog. Someone must curse the people who put up lousy comment. And I think they are retards and need to wear adult diaper for the rest of their life.

Everything that start must end anyway. So for Keyna, may you find your true love.

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Blues Boys Tune

I just have to post this one in another post. This one priceless. Look at his face.

B. B. King - Blues Boys Tune


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Rock Me, Baby

I'm having the nightmare while looking at yet another model kit that I'm trying to finish. The worst one that I ever encounter. But I shall finish it slowly. Trying to do my best.

While cursing the cheap kit (we modeller call one set of model a kit) I try to change my mood by listening to some blues. Suddenly, B. B. King came into my mind. Singing with Lucille, his guitar, Rock Me baby.

How I wish I can spend more time with my guitar and be like him.

Wonder why he called his guitar Lucille? Here is his reason...

Hmmm.. Almost cost his life...

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I swear I never hop on a cheap flight!

While on a round-the-world trip when I was a student, I boarded a particularly cheap flight from Zambia to South Africa.

I began to doubt the wisdom of this when the take-off was rather bumpy and the plane began to shake. My doubts were confirmed when the intercom crackled to life.

"This is your captain speaking," came a voice. "We are now traveling at err.... at errr.... at errr.... very high!"

Got this on Reader's Digest July 2008

And for those who wanted to get a peace of mind while traveling around the world, please install security cameras so that you know who did the damage in your home.

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Chali chali ci pom pom....

My best title ever that I ever invented. I think I can submit my name to Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang for next intake.

Seriously, I need some sleep. I'm sleepy and my eyes are drooping whle typing this post. Now someone is looking at me and asking me wether I'm doing this post aboptu about my self or what. Nwo he is leaving my desk and his last word is "Siap dengan nama website lagi".

I purposely didn't press the backspace button and try to type slowly to minimise my mistake. Just a while ago the guy came over again and ask me what am I doing exactly. Yes, I didn't press the backspace button because I try to imitate Papajoneh style and hope that he will come over this blog so since I put up his name here.

What about vegas hotel. I think I will go there tonight. Only if I can get to sleep early.

Thank you for smoking. :P

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The most funniest/desperate sabahan blog...

This is the most incredible blog and the most confusing that I ever read in my life.

I did read the blog before but I don't expect that she will continue writing her love journey. And I have to read, and re-read couple of times just to understand through her abstract words and the real point of what is she trying to say.

Meet Keyna (I don't think that is her real name.)

Just for your appetizers, here is snippets from her blog.

never meant to hurt anyone.. as i said.. i am normal human.. and i need love.. im sorry.. u never desperate to have me..

Desperate to have you? LMAO!

have one bestfriend call anis. she was very supporting and good in giving me advice but sometime she not. my bf actually are my exboyfriend bestfriends. so complicated huh? being love with someone that so close with your exboyfriend. at first. anis was not agree with our relationship. she do everything to make us break up. and i so confused and cry everytime anis tell me that my baby was a liar playboy. open sex and all of it are negative.

I nominate her THE MOST CONFUSING PERSON AWARD for this year. How about you?

Her blog just made my day. :P

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Vacancy: Handphone repair technician...

Anyone know someone who looking for a job as a handphone repair technician? My technician just quit few days ago and now I'm looking someone to replace him.

There is no salary will be offered but the pay will be based on 50% of the total repair. Or simply called commission. All the parts will be borne by us and this will be deducted from the total amount that will be calculated. We prefer local and has at least 1 year of experience. Socso and KWSP will be paid according to the commission.

There will be 3 month of probation period and the performance will be monitored. There are more perks will be added but just contact me using this blog and we can arrange the interview at my phone shop.

Just for the info, last month my technician can get around RM900 (nett salary) and if he consistent with his job, I can see that he can reach around RM1500.

Location at Asia City, Kota Kinabalu.

Running the shop without a technician really painful as 50% of the income came from the repair alone. And this month, I have to brace for some loss of income and it is hurt my bank account (not Outer Banks account ;P) .

I just hate if someone resign through phone. And that is what my ex-technician do to me. Damn!

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Even racer cannot defy nature calls

Just excuse me....

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Fancy fine scale model?

I did blog about this but I admit that I didn't have any time for it until recently. My hand are itching when I clean up some of the boxes recently and now, time to build again. Here is the most lousy kit that I've obtain when I was form 3.

Not only lousy but cheap as well. Just look at the price below.

If only I can find it again, I might buy it all in their stock. I did found this at Kedai Rm2 (Two Ringgit shop) that is very popular with their Rm2 items. Not all but this one are among cheapest. I did get 3 kind of airplanes with extra 2 boxes each. Yes, my mum paid it all. :D

This is how it looks inside the box. I just love the plastic smell :P

Then I cut it with a plastic cutter/plier that I recently bought from Daiso recently. RM5 only.

That is after I cut it with my Rm3 cutter. No casualty for the time being.

Test fitting. Not bad for Rm2.50 model kit.

Doing some masking( wtf? That is not 'some' but 'FINE' scale masking!)

But the downside is, I really have to practise my painting skill. I do have airbrush for it but unfortunately I need specific 'thinner' for the paint. I wanted to place order for the thinner from a shop at KL but they said they cannot send the thinner as thinner is flammable thus prohibited to be send using courier. Shooot!

The 'specific' thinner...

All of this can make you addicted have I told you that this is expensive hobby? Need that tools, this tools, that thinner, this paint. And you need adequate lightning such as table lamp (but not an outdoor lighting) and ventilated room to work things out.

There goes my mood....

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So, how was your first day of Hari Raya this year?

As for me, I didn't get to any open house. I'm busy with making a cabinet for my junks. Plus I have to clean up my store and get rid some of the junk. Most of it was my old magazines and things like cables, waste papers and some unidentified things.

Suppose to get a good rest but instead getting a migraine. Maybe it is because the weather are hot and now it seems that it is going to rain. Hope the rain will brings down the temperature. I just can't stand hot weather.

Anyway, just for your info, if you need auto insurance you your car, go to Who know you minght ended getting a good deal from them.

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