What the hell am I doing in the office sunday morning?

And that is the question. I have to work today because our HQ send their representative to have some seminar and majlis Berbuka Puasa (breaking fast) with their customer here in Sabah.

And I have to work without my colleague because his mum ask him to bring her to church. Such a lame excuse for escaping from Sunday work. (Remember what I told you about selfish?) Very very lame excuse. Nevermind. I don't need people like that to kill my good mood today.

Had my breakfast with my wife this morning at KFC Terminal 2. KFC has a fantastic Nasi Lemak I tell you. The sambal are so marvelous and the anchovies are crispy. I more fond of Nasi Lemak Wrap than ordinary Nasi Lemak that they offer but they said that they didn't serve Nasi Lemak Wrap anymore. Or maybe they didn't have the "Wrapping" in stock?

(For the past 15 minutes... All the people coming in and as I'm typing this, the seminar has started.)

For the sake of getting more money I have to sacrifice my leisure day. Who know I might get enough money to get a new video cards. Thank you for reading my Sunday morning post.

Happy weekend!

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Dude, I had to struggle on Sunday moringni to wake up too. Now I am in da opis since noon. Gotta go soon. nanti gila.

Gallivanter said...

I haven't tried KFC's nasi lemak. In fact, the only food I consume in KFC are the spicy chickens. That's it. :-)

LeeJB said...

Kay: Sama juga. I went out from the "hell" (office I mean) at 3 pm and resume working at my own shop until 8 pm.

gallivanter: Dude, you should try their Nasi Lemak. But they only serve it from 6 am till 11 am though. But I didn't like their Spice Crunch flavor. It sucks.