Thank God it's raining...

For the past few days, the weather are not forgiving and making my skin itch all time. Not only that, my pimple started to resurface and I have to regularly wash my face. Being born with oily face (plus 'have' to eat instant food like fried mee or fried rice because no time to cook healthy food, no wonder got the oily face) I have to do it trice a day.

Even I can't sleep well at night. Not stress or anything but I just can't stand sweating on my own bed! And I'm tempted to install an aircond unit inside my room. But this will defy my stand on keeping GREEN for the better world. And I don't have the budget to install one.

Installing one are not the solution for me since I have to reconsider the long term of keeping one. The service fee, the electricity bill and if the air conditioning compressor break down, I have to chuck more money.

But today.... All things are alright.


Thank GOD it is raining!

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