Selamat Hari Raya

to all of muslim bloggers. Especially to those who 'puasa penuh' and never missed one. Not forgetting those ladies too. That includes your children too.

To my friends, please drive carefully and don't sms/on the phone/be sleepy/drink while driving. Please use your brain rather rushing/speeding to your kampung/place you want to be but instead were rush back to nearest hospital.

While you are at your friends or your own family home, please exercise moderation while digging into the food. Because it's cheaper be moderate than trying to be smaller in waist size using diet pills.

Since I don't do 'Beraya' this year due to my commitment to my newly own business, I have a request that you can eat extra 2 spoonful of rendang, 1 slice of ketupat for me. Not forgetting 2 balls of 'kuih makmur', the most orgasmic 'kuih' on earth. Hehehhe...

Enjoy yourself and please don't play with 'meriam buluh' as you still need your fingers this friday to blog.

Selamat Hari Raya...

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