I almost forgot to post this one today. But this slow like a turtle connection are killing me. I suppose to go to bed right now but this slow connection are killing me. I need to attend Socso seminar tomorrow morning and it is compulsory for me to go. Can;t give any good excuse to not attend it.

And I'm still waiting for the page to load and still doesn't load. Let me check... Still no load. Why on earth that this connection must be slow on the day that I need to post up something.

And I shall wait.... And wait... Yeah.. after restarting the modem, it going quite fast now.

All that I want to say is... If you really going to buy that Rm7thousand-plus TV, please buy a tv lifts. If you didn't want the newly purchase TV (Plasma or LCD), please donate it to me. :p

Thank you for you time to read this post. Hehehe...

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