My radical side : I've signed the petition

I believe that WE bloggers can't speak freely anymore since the men in black can 'ISA' (Internal Security Act) anybody that not even a terrorist or a threat to the country.

Even if you jokes about their logo or songs (they also pirated it from others), you too can be 'ISA'ed.

When you say something right about 'them' and be a whistle blower, they really pissed off and want to 'ISA' you. But they will let you go is you are one of them.

When you said that you can make the economy better, they want you to prove it and when you do prove it, they ciplak you and said "We care for the people".

That is why I sign the petition. I strongly agree that Raja Petra Kamaruddin are wrongly put in ISA. I think I should put this on digital signage if only I'm rich and influential person.

If you think that he is wrongly put in the ISA, please don't keep silent. I believe that our keyboard (plus pen and pencil) are mightier than ISA.

Show them that we are not agree with them and sign the petition.

I’ve signed the petition.

If you haven’t please click the image below, read the petition and sign it, please, and then get all your family and friends to do the same.

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