Johnson and Johnson

Have you ever heard about Johnson and Johnson company? Yes, they are the one who produce the famous Johnson and Johnson product such as Johnson Baby Oil, Listerine and Neutrogena. Now, let me simplified their company name to J&J.

J&J has a vast of product just like the famous Johnson and Johnson Baby product, oral health care that we use daily that is Listerine and also over the counter medicine like Tylenol. Not only that, they also have medical diagnostics for people who suffer an ailment such as Heart and Vascular Disease (Biosense Webster Inc), Diabetes (Lifescan Inc) and Sports Medicine and Trauma (DePuy Mintek)

Not all of us really know about them and the company. According to them, Johnson & Johnson was founded more than 120 years ago on a revolutionary idea: Doctors and nurses should use sterile sutures, dressings and bandages to treat peoples’ wounds. Since then, they have brought the world new ideas and products that have transformed human health and well-being. Every invention, every product, every breakthrough has been powered by generations of employees who are inspired to make a difference.

Now that is what I call well establish medical brand. I can say that our life somehow can be connected to J&J product even when we stilll a newborn. So do I need to say more?

You can read more about them at and their history from here.

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