With heavy heart, I packed...

For those who wanted to know whether I did buy the luggage or not, I did. Since the poll was 50-50, I asked around and they just tell me, go and buy the luggage. But the down side of the luggage is, the lock "rosak"! Damn! Never mind, I will try to get the warranty after I am back. Shit! On the receipt stated only within 3 days! After all it's only a cheap bag.

My fez hat arrived this afternoon, just in time before the dinner.Now, I can use it for my props on the dinner. This is the dinner that I'm talking about.

This time, I won't bringing my laptop as I'm trying to travel as light as I can. I don't even plan to bring my brother's Sony Alpha DSLR. Too heavy for me to carry around. And I'm not going to spend so much for this time. I have to limit my spending during the trip.

*Sigh* How I wish that the fuel hike never happen. Then I can go shopping to anywhere my greedy heart want to. And that includes Oscar de la Renta :P

p/s: I won't be blogging for a while. Only if I can use my bos laptop during the night lah. But I wonder who's in the blogsphere (spelling?) will miss me?

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