Untitle... But I'm back...

Been back from KL for the last 5 days and I still had not yet post up anything for the world to see. Hehehe...

I can say the trip is quite okay. No fancy things happen. Only during the convention, four of us escaping from the morning exercise and the Big Boss are pretty piss off because of that. Not because that we are lazy to join in, but we are really tired and sleepy after the whole traveling.

The dinner are quite okay but some people are piss off since the prize for the lucky draw has been change to cash instead of Proton BML that were being promised since last 6 month. No, I didn't lucky enough to even get the cash prize.

Nah... Forget about the prize. Now I would like to introduce you to J Ramlee. The long lost Chinese cousin of P. Ramlee. Hehehhe...

J Ramlee

By the way, I shared the same birth day with P Ramlee that is on 22 March. Coincident?

This photo taken just before the dinner. I did ask my colleague to take my photo but he asks me to wait while he is ironing and watching TV. I've waited for 10 minutes and still no response. See, all my friends are too selfish. But when they ask help from you, they spoke sweetly to you. If you 'tidak layan' they will sulking like they already help you for thousand times. Asshole betul!

So after that, we went to this place...

So near yet so far. We cannot enjoy our stay there since we need to rush back to KL by the next day. When we get inside the dinner hall after waiting for another 10 minutes, we were transformed back to P Ramlee golden era. The jobs that the WWN staff has done are very very good!

Look at the SB (Shaw Brother) sign. They do it themselves and mount it on the day before the dinner!

Presenting our Emcee for the night, Dee. Appearing with his trademark cross dressing. Hahaha... He did a great job emceeing our dinner.

Some of the "Penyamun" from Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk.

Kassim Selamat that didn't know how to blow saxophone. LOL

Group photo after the dinner.

Part of the WWN staff that work hard to make the dinner successful. This photo was taken 2 hours before our departure to KL. This time, we are tired like hell.

Reach KL and get a Studio Suite Room courtesy by my friend who work at the Boulevard Hotel. She give us a free upgrade. ;)

Spacious and very luxury.

My colleague frusted because he didn't get to buy an XBox 360. 2 hour after this photo was taken, he finally get someone who willing to sell his XBox for RM1500 without any HDMI switch. Soon after he gets his XBox, he dominates the TV. Talking about selfish. Damn.

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