Talking about selfish!

Today I realize that most of my friends are very selfish. When they didn't need you, they didn't want to accept your invitation to any activities that you plan. Only when their car broke down and they need you to get a lift back to their home and got nothing to do, they will jump in anything that you invite them to join.

And today, I realize that they didn't need me to make things happen for them. Only if they need something from me that can make their plan happen, then they will invite me.

Asking them to do something for you is like asking RM100 from them. Asking them to buy food for you while you are doing something and thinking about sharing with them later is like asking them to lift 10 boxes of shit for them. Then after you did buy the food, they ask you to share with them. Ask you to get their newspaper but always forgetting to pay back. Everyday!

All of they care is, their girlfriend. But when they having some trouble with their girlfriend, then they will ask me to go out and hear their annoying complaint about the girlfriend.

I know, a good friend is someone who will sit and lend his ear to hear your problem and comfort you. But what about the good friend? Are they willing to spend sometime for them?

I know that I, sometimes, failed to satisfied them. But how many times that I need to satisfied them before they appreciate my company to them?

I sound piss off today but I guess, this is the only way that I can vent my frustration. Through this blog.

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fie the elf said...

ditch those friends! you dont need peoplelike that in your life.

maslight said...

Well all you can do is juz be urself and not be bothered by them. And letting it out is gewd too XD

I hope everything is gewd for u

LeeJB said...

fie: Yup, I should ditch him. But what to do. My only colleague.

maslight: That is what I am doing now. Ranting!