Malacca or no Malacca...

Someone has told me that our company trip to Kuala Lumpur/Malacca has been extended for another 2 days. I think it is because of my rant lately. But the damage has been done. The scar won't heal just like that. I still don't know if I want to go.

But either I want to go or not, last night I saw a nice luggage bag being sold at 70% discount. From RM399 to RM119.70. I still deciding whether I should buy the bag or not. I still have another luggage bag and the one that I use the most has its handle broken from the last trip (that is on March). But this one looks much nicer that the one I already own.

Hmm... I shall put a poll so you , my reader, can decide for me. The poll will end on 12 August at 10 pm.

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maslight said...

uh oh~ if I got the chance, I wanted to go again...the last time I went there, I didn't haf a digital camera T_T