Its ain't heavy, its my bonus...

OMG! I just found out that for this month, I just got a very very BIG bonus from my Multi Level Marketing sales! Grand total RM2400! Lucky day eh?

Nope, because I need to fix my car that have been long overdue. Fuel pump need to be change (Rm250 + around RM50 for the labour charge), both of the car security alarm (might reach Rm600 for both), radiator checkups for the Kancil and the trimonthly service! Haya!

And that is not include the 'botak' tayar for the Proton (Want to get cheap 175/65R14 tyre? Contact BudakHutan. Only for those staying around KK :P)

There goes my bonus. Not even giving chances to get a car insurance comparison. Insurance? Ops... I need to renew my driving license. Been driving with expired driving license since 17 July :P

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Jayce said...

Me too. Spent too much on car service this year... :(