I might be pissed off but...

I just pissed off if someone promise to me about going somewhere but cancel it last minute. I can understand if that is something urgent and serious but just saying "I've got something to do" just pissed me off. Just say that you need to fix your expensive kitchen Kohler faucets or what ever, then I can easily understand. But just saying "I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO DO" just ain't right.

The whole night last night was so terrible for me. Maybe I just being moody since the plan didn't went well. But it's okay. Today it's your day. Monday will be mine. HAHAHAH! (Sweet revenge!)

Lots of things happen in my life recently. I just can't give the detail of it so much here since part of it were confidential (I do know some people who read my blog :P).

For a start, Angel, already went to heaven last March. To be exact, on my birthday, that is on Easter day. Life are not very much the same after losing a pet. The pain are just hard to swallow. As I am typing this, I remember our cat, Raska. Even though we lost him last 4 years ago, we just can't forget him. And Brownie, our dog, died after giving birth to 4 puppies last 2 year. It is the pain of loosing a best friend that I just can't bear.

Then, recently, someone who I owe his good deeds for the rest of my life just turn into a black sheep. I just can't understand why did he wrongfully chose someone to be his best friend that already 'stabbed' his back few times before. Well, he needs something bad to happen before he finally open his 'eyes' and can judge between good and bad.

Nah I'm being emo again. I better eat my supper now....

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queenoftheclick said...

I hate when people cancel like that. Sometimes it is a legitimate excuse - sometimes it's just bs.

maslight said...

@_@ waw...shake it off...August suppose to be a great month..oh yeah I got that airtime thinggie last nite lol when we tried to reload XD

I use online banking to reload ogie XP

Anyways, have a gewd day! Photos! Me wants photos. Uh oh, with me in it uh oh wait, I didn't take a shot with u noooooooooo @_@