Do not read this if you dare...

I just got back from my work place and just finished my shower. Today is really hectic day for me and quite stressful.

But I'm not in a good mood since I just don’t agree with someone decision for our annual trip for the company event.

Just four days of trip for two days event. I can imagine the rushing to catch planes and buses (or maybe getting ready to the dinner) and for me four days are not enough. The plan are basically like this,

Day One : KK - KL
Day Two : KL - Malacca
Day Three: Malacca - KL
Day Four : KL - KK

If really the plan is going to be like this, I better stayed in KK and enjoy the rest that I should get and go fishing for a day.

Actually, I can accept if the time allocated for us (plus the budget!) are really tight but seeing the person who can afford for somebody else that are not his staff (even can afford to buy a home theater sconces) going for the company trip really disappointed me. And to add salt to the injured, he even taking the person along with him whenever there is some important event that we, the staff, should go and attend it.

Yes, he is one of the important person in the company (not the person who are leeching) but at least please appreciate our hard work and treat us good by giving us some leisure time while we were there (the company event).

It is a very lame excuses saying that "Hotel are expensive" but in the mean while he can ditch the person and use the budget for short vacation for us.

I just want to say that the damage has been done and we probably cancel out trip there and let them have their fun. Biarlah rugi banyak... Asalkan hati senang...

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