Unusual website.

I don't know how to describe this website. It is full with weird things.
Although it's peculiar, I waste my precious 30 minutes on it.


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Talking about selfish!

Today I realize that most of my friends are very selfish. When they didn't need you, they didn't want to accept your invitation to any activities that you plan. Only when their car broke down and they need you to get a lift back to their home and got nothing to do, they will jump in anything that you invite them to join.

And today, I realize that they didn't need me to make things happen for them. Only if they need something from me that can make their plan happen, then they will invite me.

Asking them to do something for you is like asking RM100 from them. Asking them to buy food for you while you are doing something and thinking about sharing with them later is like asking them to lift 10 boxes of shit for them. Then after you did buy the food, they ask you to share with them. Ask you to get their newspaper but always forgetting to pay back. Everyday!

All of they care is, their girlfriend. But when they having some trouble with their girlfriend, then they will ask me to go out and hear their annoying complaint about the girlfriend.

I know, a good friend is someone who will sit and lend his ear to hear your problem and comfort you. But what about the good friend? Are they willing to spend sometime for them?

I know that I, sometimes, failed to satisfied them. But how many times that I need to satisfied them before they appreciate my company to them?

I sound piss off today but I guess, this is the only way that I can vent my frustration. Through this blog.

Enough ranting... Get your office supplies from cleansweepsupply.com. They get more choices from what your local shop can offer. :P

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Untitle... But I'm back...

Been back from KL for the last 5 days and I still had not yet post up anything for the world to see. Hehehe...

I can say the trip is quite okay. No fancy things happen. Only during the convention, four of us escaping from the morning exercise and the Big Boss are pretty piss off because of that. Not because that we are lazy to join in, but we are really tired and sleepy after the whole traveling.

The dinner are quite okay but some people are piss off since the prize for the lucky draw has been change to cash instead of Proton BML that were being promised since last 6 month. No, I didn't lucky enough to even get the cash prize.

Nah... Forget about the prize. Now I would like to introduce you to J Ramlee. The long lost Chinese cousin of P. Ramlee. Hehehhe...

J Ramlee

By the way, I shared the same birth day with P Ramlee that is on 22 March. Coincident?

This photo taken just before the dinner. I did ask my colleague to take my photo but he asks me to wait while he is ironing and watching TV. I've waited for 10 minutes and still no response. See, all my friends are too selfish. But when they ask help from you, they spoke sweetly to you. If you 'tidak layan' they will sulking like they already help you for thousand times. Asshole betul!

So after that, we went to this place...

So near yet so far. We cannot enjoy our stay there since we need to rush back to KL by the next day. When we get inside the dinner hall after waiting for another 10 minutes, we were transformed back to P Ramlee golden era. The jobs that the WWN staff has done are very very good!

Look at the SB (Shaw Brother) sign. They do it themselves and mount it on the day before the dinner!

Presenting our Emcee for the night, Dee. Appearing with his trademark cross dressing. Hahaha... He did a great job emceeing our dinner.

Some of the "Penyamun" from Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk.

Kassim Selamat that didn't know how to blow saxophone. LOL

Group photo after the dinner.

Part of the WWN staff that work hard to make the dinner successful. This photo was taken 2 hours before our departure to KL. This time, we are tired like hell.

Reach KL and get a Studio Suite Room courtesy by my friend who work at the Boulevard Hotel. She give us a free upgrade. ;)

Spacious and very luxury.

My colleague frusted because he didn't get to buy an XBox 360. 2 hour after this photo was taken, he finally get someone who willing to sell his XBox for RM1500 without any HDMI switch. Soon after he gets his XBox, he dominates the TV. Talking about selfish. Damn.

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Its ain't heavy, its my bonus...

OMG! I just found out that for this month, I just got a very very BIG bonus from my Multi Level Marketing sales! Grand total RM2400! Lucky day eh?

Nope, because I need to fix my car that have been long overdue. Fuel pump need to be change (Rm250 + around RM50 for the labour charge), both of the car security alarm (might reach Rm600 for both), radiator checkups for the Kancil and the trimonthly service! Haya!

And that is not include the 'botak' tayar for the Proton (Want to get cheap 175/65R14 tyre? Contact BudakHutan. Only for those staying around KK :P)

There goes my bonus. Not even giving chances to get a car insurance comparison. Insurance? Ops... I need to renew my driving license. Been driving with expired driving license since 17 July :P

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With heavy heart, I packed...

For those who wanted to know whether I did buy the luggage or not, I did. Since the poll was 50-50, I asked around and they just tell me, go and buy the luggage. But the down side of the luggage is, the lock "rosak"! Damn! Never mind, I will try to get the warranty after I am back. Shit! On the receipt stated only within 3 days! After all it's only a cheap bag.

My fez hat arrived this afternoon, just in time before the dinner.Now, I can use it for my props on the dinner. This is the dinner that I'm talking about.

This time, I won't bringing my laptop as I'm trying to travel as light as I can. I don't even plan to bring my brother's Sony Alpha DSLR. Too heavy for me to carry around. And I'm not going to spend so much for this time. I have to limit my spending during the trip.

*Sigh* How I wish that the fuel hike never happen. Then I can go shopping to anywhere my greedy heart want to. And that includes Oscar de la Renta :P

p/s: I won't be blogging for a while. Only if I can use my bos laptop during the night lah. But I wonder who's in the blogsphere (spelling?) will miss me?

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Malacca or no Malacca...

Someone has told me that our company trip to Kuala Lumpur/Malacca has been extended for another 2 days. I think it is because of my rant lately. But the damage has been done. The scar won't heal just like that. I still don't know if I want to go.

But either I want to go or not, last night I saw a nice luggage bag being sold at 70% discount. From RM399 to RM119.70. I still deciding whether I should buy the bag or not. I still have another luggage bag and the one that I use the most has its handle broken from the last trip (that is on March). But this one looks much nicer that the one I already own.

Hmm... I shall put a poll so you , my reader, can decide for me. The poll will end on 12 August at 10 pm.

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What have I bought from PC Fair this time

If you want to buy something for your computer or for your own gadget, you only got 3 more hour to get it.

I just got myself a Multi Purpose Printer fro my shop. Since I know I can get it cheaper from PC Fair, I rushed to Sabah Trade Center at Likas with my wife to survey and buy it while checking other things.

The place was packed with people and it is hard to get parking space. Some car owner have been fined because they park their car at the sidewalk. Guess what, only those who own big car and sport car park their car like that. They just got served! Hehehe....

So this is what I've bought...

Quite a bargain for me since the normal price is RM488 and I just got it for RM 399. Now, our shop can apply for a telephone line :P

As I'm typing this, the rain just started. Thank God for the rain. The weather are very hot and humid lately. My face were irritated with this kind of temperature and the acne are showing the ugly head already. I don't want to buy another acne products anymore since I had enough of it.

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Do not read this if you dare...

I just got back from my work place and just finished my shower. Today is really hectic day for me and quite stressful.

But I'm not in a good mood since I just don’t agree with someone decision for our annual trip for the company event.

Just four days of trip for two days event. I can imagine the rushing to catch planes and buses (or maybe getting ready to the dinner) and for me four days are not enough. The plan are basically like this,

Day One : KK - KL
Day Two : KL - Malacca
Day Three: Malacca - KL
Day Four : KL - KK

If really the plan is going to be like this, I better stayed in KK and enjoy the rest that I should get and go fishing for a day.

Actually, I can accept if the time allocated for us (plus the budget!) are really tight but seeing the person who can afford for somebody else that are not his staff (even can afford to buy a home theater sconces) going for the company trip really disappointed me. And to add salt to the injured, he even taking the person along with him whenever there is some important event that we, the staff, should go and attend it.

Yes, he is one of the important person in the company (not the person who are leeching) but at least please appreciate our hard work and treat us good by giving us some leisure time while we were there (the company event).

It is a very lame excuses saying that "Hotel are expensive" but in the mean while he can ditch the person and use the budget for short vacation for us.

I just want to say that the damage has been done and we probably cancel out trip there and let them have their fun. Biarlah rugi banyak... Asalkan hati senang...

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I might be pissed off but...

I just pissed off if someone promise to me about going somewhere but cancel it last minute. I can understand if that is something urgent and serious but just saying "I've got something to do" just pissed me off. Just say that you need to fix your expensive kitchen Kohler faucets or what ever, then I can easily understand. But just saying "I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO DO" just ain't right.

The whole night last night was so terrible for me. Maybe I just being moody since the plan didn't went well. But it's okay. Today it's your day. Monday will be mine. HAHAHAH! (Sweet revenge!)

Lots of things happen in my life recently. I just can't give the detail of it so much here since part of it were confidential (I do know some people who read my blog :P).

For a start, Angel, already went to heaven last March. To be exact, on my birthday, that is on Easter day. Life are not very much the same after losing a pet. The pain are just hard to swallow. As I am typing this, I remember our cat, Raska. Even though we lost him last 4 years ago, we just can't forget him. And Brownie, our dog, died after giving birth to 4 puppies last 2 year. It is the pain of loosing a best friend that I just can't bear.

Then, recently, someone who I owe his good deeds for the rest of my life just turn into a black sheep. I just can't understand why did he wrongfully chose someone to be his best friend that already 'stabbed' his back few times before. Well, he needs something bad to happen before he finally open his 'eyes' and can judge between good and bad.

Nah I'm being emo again. I better eat my supper now....

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Tomorrow is the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering

I did not post anything about this quite big event for bloggers like me. Especially for those who are in Sabah who always been left out from big company such as Nuffnang from their wonderful event.

This is the second time from what I know and the first one is when I still didn't have the "Blogger" status, that is last year. I did start my blog before the first SBG (Sabahan Bloggers gathering) but I still didn't know a lot about blogging, so I didn't label myself as a certified Blogger. Certified blogger in my terms is, you already blogged for more than 9 month and still at it.

In case that you already know about my weight problem, I'm worried about my appearance for tomorrow night. If only I knew about this Fentraphen reviews, I would have used their product and getting an abs like this one...

Nah... forget it. I still love my own body.

It is said that his enemies would go blind from over-exposure to pure awesomeness! - Jack Black

I'm not a big fat panda. I'm *the* big fat panda.


p/s : I want to get there early since they said they will give prizes for early bird! ;P

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