A very good investment

I'm not going to say that I just invest in something and got a good return. It is because I just find out that after the fuel hike, my family never regret doing it at the first place.

Remember my post about me and my father are in a mission to transplant our Proton Iswara engine from standard engine to Mitsubishi 1.6 (4G61T) engine?

Some people when they knew about my father idea to change the engine, they just shrugged their shoulder and said bigger engine, high fuel consumption. And he almost buy they word. Not only that, they said spending Rm10'000 plus for the transplant are wasting money since the engine is a gas guzzler engine.

But no, I just proof that last night the engine is far more efficient than standard Proton engine.

RM90 for 400KM! That is about Rm0.23 per kilometer!

That is far more gas saving than my current Daihatsu (Mira) 660 Turbo engine. Rm50 for 220KM (But we ever achieved RM50 for 300KM!). Now I can be sure that we won't hurt our wallet so much and that means we can afford to buy best diet pills to slim down our waist (I just kidding on that part :P ).

The real reason why it was so efficient is because the engine (both of the engine) have EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) in the system and that's why it is so efficient. No wonder old Kelisa still got higher price in secondhand car market. But then, our behavior while driving also have important role in saving gas. No pedal to the metal, no braking too hard and don't accelerate too fast.

I want to upload the picture of the odometer to proof my claim but I can only spare a few moment to update. So no picture lah hehehe....

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