Powered by Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ (And Mudah.com.my Sucks!)

I just upgraded my shop's processor from Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz to 2.4 Ghz and only cost me Rm170. I just hope that with the upgrade, all of the work involving the computer will be breeze and no more lagging complaint from me. No, I'm not trying to run cpm (Corporate Performance Management) here :P

Actually, i almost bought it from Mudah.com.my. Since the seller just want to contact me through email, I just ignore him. Even though he sell the processor cheaper that what i 've found around Karamunsing Complex, it is better than have to wait and gamble my money buying things from unknown person and from unreliable site (not like Ebay.com, we can complaint and get refund if someone are cheating).

My friend fall victim last week. Someone are selling N95 8GB only for Rm750 from Kelantan. But The item still did not arrived (or the seller never had the item!) and the seller didn't pickup the phone after that. There goes Rm750.

Bottom line is, Mudah.com.my SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

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Edgar said...

mudah.com.my is not an auction site. its like putting a free ad on the internet.

if i were to use mudah.com.my, i go for CoD, meet up somewhere and check out goods.

LeeJB said...

Memang. But even Lelong.com.my also sucks. Lots of people cheats money there too.

StuckS said...

yupz, and i think mudah.com.my is funny tho. I saw someone selling 'sapi' there. lmao

PrettyGirl2u said...

Huh? Buying at Mudah.com.my so dangerous? Better be careful next time lo. :D

nic said...

i also got cheated by mudah.com.my
i buy a item is N95@2gb in RM600~
may i knw ur fren also banking to same account ???
izit the saller is from mobile88.com.my ???

the bank acc is :


my email is nic_doggy@hotmail.com
me also a victim too... T_T

LeeJB said...

nic: I'm sorry to hear that you got cheated. Why not you try to ask the officer at Maybank if you can report a fraud and ask them if you can cancel the transaction. No harm trying. As my friend, he too stubborn to report it to the Police or the Maybank.

Smoky Kelvin said...

I do found their service sucks also

My product listed at every state in Malaysia. The reason is because visitor at 1 state cannot found the product at another state except they choose "entire malaysia"

1. A person go kedah section cannot find the product listed at Penang. This is a disadvantage, but may be is their system design, I had no comment

2. If I want to sell at different state, I need to delete my item in 1 state, and relist in another. Which mean 1 time I only can sell in 1 state. Is this the method of doing business?

3. A lot of keyword been block, example "free" word. A common word that will be use by every one. "free screen protector" and "free delivery" is very common, also been block. Their officer really want to do easy job by fiter all the ads automated.

Eddie Tan said...

Someone buy a pet with raj exotic dealer at mudah.com.my?
He cheated me RM730 for a pair of Leopard Tortoise.
He said the goods wil send by bus eagle express PLK6966 around 6 to 7pm wil arrived, but i waited till 8:30pm stil not come, i call him he never answer. Til the night 11pm , i sms him ,he just reply and said that someone had taken the goods ady,but i never took the goods. I asked him to check he won reply . Hes is STEVEN RAJ public bank ac 4601182619.
He also cheated me his gf at major accident and pass away bra bra bra...
He is s Indian guy, becareful!