Open Office by Java

This is the latest solution for those who cannot afford Microsoft Office that has expensive price tag especially for those who want to use them (Microsoft Office) at their office.

In the case of Microsoft Office, you need to purchase license that can cost you around RM1000+ per license and that only for ONE computer. Imagine if you have 6 computer. If you were caught using their software without license, you can be fined RM10,000 per computer!

Now you can save all with this Open Office by Java. In fact, I've used it for my shop. I've saved around Rm900+ (this price is for Microsoft Office 2003 that I surveyed at computer shops around Kota Kinabalu) just for that.

Why OpenOffice? First of all, it is FREE! Secondly, they are easy to use. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, you can straight away use OpenOffice. It is such a great software that you can report bugs, request new features, or enhance the software. And that means, they ( does everything you want your office software to do, the way you want it to.

So far, I don't have any problem with this software. It doesn't sucks too much of computer memory that can leads to computer crash (that is really troublesome for us who are too lazy to SAVE every one paragraph we complete).

Here is the screen shot of OpenOffice

I don't want to explain much here but you can always check their website at

For those who does not want to read further, download them here!

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Jayce said...

Yeah... Free OpenOffice rocks. :D

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

i use em in my contact center too for my supervisors. works fine. best alternative.