Limited access on PayPal

Recently, my PayPal account has been put on 'Limited Access' mode. It's started last week when I was trying to access my account but I was chosen randomly for their security test.

The things is, I registered my account (for the verifying purpose) with a credit card which is issued by my boss (supplementary card) for business purpose only, which is under my name plus my signature on it. So if I were not outstation, I don't have access to the card. Or simply said I have to surrender the card back to my boss.

And that faithful day, I was asked to enter the card number. I immediately called my boss (he already acknowledge that I use the card for the verification purpose) to get the card number. As usual, he keeps the card at home and only can give me the number once he is home. So I just logout from my PayPal account.

After 3 day, I get this "Limited Access" warning from them because they sense that someone was trying to get into my account. They ask me to do only three things. First, change the password and secondly, change the secret question which did on the spot. Luckily, the third one is quite easy for me since they only ask me to submit any utility bill that have my name and my address on it. And I did this only after two days after I change my password and secret question.

And today, my access was fully restored.

Now I registered my Public Bank debit card and delete my company credit card just in case they did ask me the number again. (Oh, the story about the Debit card is another one!)

I wonder if anybody ever encounters this problem but have to verify using other method. If so, please tell me. I just putting this post for anybody who ever encounter this and want to know how others tackle it.

Well at least they don't suspect me as a mortgage lenders. Hehhe...

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Pernah. When I was using the 'Virtual Money' card. It was banned by PayPal so I had to quickly find an alternative which is the PBE Visa Debit Card. No more worries ever since.