Last time, mushroom. Now, telecomunication.

I still remember almost one year ago, I was bragging about doing mushroom business. But now that one has to wait. Now, it is official that both of us (not only me) are into communication business.

It is started when my wife found out that someone want to sell the business (meaning taking over) and the price are just right at the moment that is just about Rm8000 ( USD 2,464.95).

Actually, I'm not really interested with the business since both of us were once in a business but failed. But when my wife told me that that business has been running for about more than 5 years at the exactly spot, I ask her to close the deal.

Soon, Joyanne Enterprise was established. I can't say that it is easy to get start. First, we have to get license for the shop, then getting dealership from the local communication company. But first and foremost, lots of money is involved in this matter.

I proudly have to say that today; we just get our dealership from one of the local telecommunication that I can say the strictest and the slowest in approving dealership. We have to wait and be patient since that particular company is the most popular service provider and the demand for their reload coupon and e-load are the most highest among the other.

I just got a new friend, that I can call him my technician. And he is so happy because I just bought him new toys. A toy that he never uses but understands the function even he never touches it. This tool that can generate money. One that can fix mobile phone software problem. Introducing.... JAF ('<'that is the name. I don't know what it stands for)

This thing cost a bombs. Exactly RM500! (Approx USD154.06) . And to install this thing required me to surf the internet for about 4 hour. Another 1 day just to figure out what this things needs and how to install driver for that 'thumb drive' thingie (called P-Key). And finally successfully installing it after a format and fresh installation of Win XP.

Now I can rest my mind and start focusing on running the business. So wish me luck.

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